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Loise Risher
Hall of Fame Award

Loise Risher Hall of Fame Award Criteria:

The Loise Risher Hall of Fame Award is the highest honor and award given by NAIFA-Mississippi. Criteria for nominees for this award should be limited to members or past members of NAIFA-Mississippi who have excelled in
service to NAIFA-MS, NAIFA, to his or her local association, as well as fellow-man and community. The committee will be made up of at least three judges selected from former "Hall of Fame" recipients and judgment is made by
the committee solely on content of the nominations submitted. A suitable plaque or award is given to the recipient at the Awards Banquet during the 2023 State Conference. Please click the button below to submit your nominations. 

The deadline for nominations to be received for this award is September 29, 2023. The winner will be recognized at NAIFA-Mississippi's 2023 State Conference - Family Reunion.

Nominate Here

Please remember to attach supporting data for your nominee. Please be specific. This is not a popularity contest. Bear in mind that some members of the selection committee might not know your candidate; give your nominee
every chance to be considered by listing all accomplishments which makes him or her your candidate. 

Recipients of the Loise Risher Hall of Fame Award

(Award not presented every year)

2017 Deena Dansby
2016 Leigh Wallace, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
2015 Trentice Embler
2014 Carl Boutwell
2013 John Bounds
2012 Cecelia Carlton, LUTCF
2011 Jack Curtis
2010 Jay Fletcher
2009 Eddie Jenkins
2008 Larry Fortenberry
2007 Tommy Doolittle
2006 Rick Coulter, LUTCF
2005 Joe Garrett, LUTCF
2004 Dayton E. Dennington, LUTCF
2003 Johnny Johns, LUTCF
2002 Libby Bates, LUTCF
2001 Jerry W. Sistrunk, CLU, LUTCF
2000 Ike S. Trotter, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
1999 Howard D. Catchings
1998 Donald R. Burch, FICF, LUTCF
1997 George E. Moore
1996 William Leo Witchen, Jr., LUTCF
1995 James E "Gene" Levens, CFP, LUTCF
1994 Lundry R. Gunn, Sr., CLU, ChFC
1993 Pierce A. Stevens, Sr., LUTCF
1992 Robert H. Bradford, CLU, ChFC
1991 John R. Odom
1990 Walter T. "Teddy" Shanks, LUTCF
1989 Thomas Bell Patterson, CLU
1988 B. Joe Stewart, CLU
1987 Loise S. Risher
1986 Joseph H. Hodges
1985 George B. Pickett, Jr., CLU
1984 Jerry W. Roberson
1983 William H. Elmore, CLU
1982 Robert Bullock, CLU
1981 Bobby J. Gaines, CLU
1980 George H. Brunson, CLU
1979 Lavon Thurman, CLU
1978 William D. Horne, CLU
1977 Pat T. Nunnelee, CLU
1976 Lloyd T. Gould
1975 W.E. "Gene" Gillis
1974 J.S. "Red" Knight
1973 J. R. Pegues, Jr., CLU
1972 W.E. "Windy" Walls
1971 Auburn C. Lambeth, CLU
1970 S. F. Carlisle, Jr., CLU
1969 Ralph Hester, Jr., CLU
1968 James V. LeLaurin, CLU
1967 Eugene N. Shrader, CLU
1966 Ralph Hester, Sr., CLU
1965 John W. Nicholson, Jr., CLU
1964 Roland O. Darnell
1963 J.H.C. Thomas, Sr., CLU
1962 William A. Peden
1961 Walter S. Hunt
1960 Delmar L. Simmons, Jr.